Monday, December 24, 2012

"Big Man" bottles...

Happy Christmas Eve to all of you!
I apologize to you for being late today...the weather here in Texas has this Mama laid up in bed with the flu!  I don't have time to be sick!  LOL
My son told me..."You can't be sick...You are Mom!  You're not allowed!"
I don't know how true that is, but it does seem to have some validity!!  

SO, today I am sharing with you a little project that I did as a white elephant gift for a group of adults.
What you see here, is a 4 pk of wine coolers. 
Of course, I couldn't leave it just plain!
I wrapped the bottles in red to cover the label and added in some black checker board ribbon for the belt, and the red checker board ribbon at the top for a "bow tie" of sorts.
I painted the cap black and voila!  
Looks like the "Big Guy" in red! 

This was the hit of the party! 
Hope your holiday parties turn out wonderfully! 
Have a Very Merry Christmas!


  1. What a great idea Misty. Perfect for a holiday party. Hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Those are so cute!

    I'm sorry that you are feeling bad. I know exactly what your son means though. It must be going around in Texas - my husband and I both woke up this morning not feeling well, not the flu but maybe sinus crud. I, being the mom, pushed through and have dealt with the headache and sinus pain. He, on the other hand, crumbled and has been in bed all day and will miss out on our family Christmas Eve celebration at my brother's house (not sure, but he may have planned this!). LOL

  3. Adorable! Love the little Santa suit!

  4. Great idea,Love it,Hope you feel better,Merry Christmas...


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