Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stopping by to say "HI"

Good Morning everyone! 
It is Misty here with you all today, and I have something very 
out of the ordinary for my post today.
I have a card. Well, it is the card that was supposed to be with the
 "Buttons and Bows" challenge, but didn't quite make it. OOPS!
We had an extremely rainy last couple of weeks, and the one day that was
 pretty for me to take photos, my internet was out!
An 18 wheeler was overloaded and literally took out EVERY pole in my town! LOL
NOT funny, but the poor guy made it just outside of town before the 
police stopped him to prevent anymore damage.
Needless to say, we were without phones, internet and cable for 3 days. 
My kids were NOT happy! 

Anywho... I decided to share that card for my post today. :)

I am TOTALLY in love with all of Bonnie's ribbon,
but one of my very absolute favorites is the white satin.
It is just a ribbon that goes with everything...and looks great doing it!
I am also in love with Bakers' twine lately. I think I have been adding it
 to everything I It is just a simple string,
 but looks great on handmade cards and projects. 

I gave this card to a friend of mine who was having a bad week.
Just to say "HI" and that I hope her week gets better.
I have to say, it is the little things that can turn a person's whole day around.
This simple card meant the world to her that day.

I challenge all of you to go make a card today and actually GIVE it to someone.
I know we all make cards all the time and they 
sit in their respective bins never being shared.
Well, time to share those cards!

I hope you all have a magnificent day...
and while you are at it, go make someone else's day Magnificent, too!!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh if we could always remember how it means so much to send a card for no reason at all or those days when someone needs a little pick me up.
    What a beauty and wonderful reason to send to a friend.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Glad you got your service back

  2. Oh your card is amazing and so elegant:)x

  3. Your card is so lovely. I really like that color combo.

  4. Wonderful to let all know that just sending the cards for no reason is the best reason of all...let's them know you're thinking of them and that you really care. They appreciate it all the more and it means so much to them. You go, gf!! Your card is awesome! ;D


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