Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Good Morning everyone!
I am sooooo thrilled that Bonnie invited me to join the RRR Dt for a 3rd term! 
I absolutely adore ribbon and Bonnie has the BEST selection ever.
She has so many styles, colors and varieties, that it is truly difficult to make an order without ordering one of EVERYTHING!  
This last 4 months, I have been super busy and preoccupied with preparing taxes for other people.
CRAZY me thought it would be fun....NOT!!!!
You know what it was? It is NUTS! 
However...when it was over and Bonnie sent me an e-mail telling me
"Happy April 18th"...
She definitely made me smile!  
Bonnie is awesome and working for her is truly a Joy.
Hence...My card....

I used the Green Apple double ruffle ribbon tied in a bow to enhance this simple card.
I have never claimed to be a card maker...and Bonnie knows that...
I am a bow maker, a home decor maker, a scrap booker, and a lot more...but cards are not my specialty.   However, sometimes, a simple card says all that you need to say.

So, Thank you, Bonnie...You gave me "JOY"!!!!

Hope you all have a magnificent day!
Thanks for visiting us today!


  1. You're welcome Misty and it's a pleasure to have you back for another term. I love all the things you 'are', but I've got news for ya - I think you can add cardmaker to the list!!! Awesome card!! :)

  2. This is lovely great array of colours too!:)x


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