Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wintery Bow Tutorial

It is the MOST wonderful time Of the Year!!!
Love the look of the snow and the it glistens!
Yes, I live in Texas, so snow is a rare commodity.
Because of that, I am soooo drawn to snow and anything that represents the colder side of the world! LOL!  ...and I loved the Winter whites that Bonnie sent to us.
I created my monthly bow..and I attempted to break it down so that YOU can make one, too!
Here is what my bow looks like as an end result...

And here is a photo tutorial for you to hopefully help you create your own bow!

Finally you layer them all one on top of the other and tightly secure it with your size 10 cotton crochet thread that I use so often!  This is where you will add in your center knot, or your smaller center ribbon.

I know it looks difficult, but it really isn't.  I figured if I did a photo tutorial, you could try to figure it out better than trying to read a bunch of words...LOL.  I hope some of you give it a shot!
Thanks for stopping by today!
Have a wonderful "Hump Day"!!!!
As Always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


  1. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. I hope I'll be able to make one.

  2. Thank for the tutorial!

  3. Gorgeous bow...I do pictures well, not words, so I'm glad thats just what you did,Beautiful...

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  4. what a lovely bow, I love making these! FABULOUS! Thank-you for sharing how you make them. Happy holidays & Happy scrapping

  5. This is so pretty!!!!! I love making bows for my granddaughter.....tfs

  6. This is awesome,Now to see if I could make one...

  7. thanks for the tutorial, really appreciate it.
    ava g


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