Monday, December 26, 2011

The Dish on Double Ruffles...

Well, today marks the beginning of the "Recovery" period that I so desperately need from all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  WHEW!!!  I made it!!!!
I have been so super busy this last couple of weeks getting my preparations made that I haven't had an opportunity to sit 
down and create anything new to share with you all.  
What I DO have, however, is an assortment of bows
 that I made for my nieces for Christmas.
The one thing that they ALL asked for from me is their own bow.
While it is nothing new to you all that I make bows, it may be fun to see some of the ribbon combinations that I used.  I tried to keep in mind their own personalities, interests and of course, favorite colors.  I LOVE the Double Ruffle Ribbons that Bonnie has, and they are PERFECT for using in bows. They add a touch of elegance to anything and are so easy to use!....and have become a staple in my ribbon stash!
Here is a photo of half a dozen bows that I made in one day...

While this is my favorite style of bow to create, it is the one that takes the longest amount of time.  To create one of these beauties, I average about an hour and a you do the math on 
how long I had my rear planted in one spot! 
The upside to that is that I got to play with a boat load of Bonnie's ribbons!

Below I have included some close-ups of a few of the bows for you.
Here is the one that is probably my favorite.
It has leopard print ribbon as the focal point with accents of a variety of pinks and some sparkly golds.  The base ribbon is the double ruffle 1 1/2 azalea.  LOVE that ribbon!

Here is another animal print, but zebra instead.
I accented with white and her favorite color...PURPLE.
I used the 3/8 inch purple double ruffle in there to add some vibrancy to the otherwise muted lavender. I thought it was the perfect touch!
In this one, I used TWO different double ruffles for an added interest.  I used the 1 1/2 inch azalea for the main base, and the 7/8 inch apple green as the center to provide a "lily pad" effect for that adorable little frog.  

And here is the holiday bow. of my nieces just wanted a bow to match her Christmas outfit.  The base is the 1 1/2 inch double ruffle white layered with the gold reindeer.  
I cut each individual reindeer off of the strand to create a  few "Lone" standing reindeer for the accents on this bow.  THAT was her favorite thing about it! 
I also used 5/8 inch red double ruffle...OMG this is GORGEOUS!!!
 The red is so deep an vibrant!  

As you can imagine, I have a plethora of scrap lengths of ribbon.
While anything shorter than about 24 inches is not useful to me in making bows, it can be useful in a variety of other projects. 
 SO...I never throw my scrap ribbon away.
I have a gallon sized ziplock that collects all of my scraps.
THAT bag comes out when I am creating cards or other projects that require shorter lengths of ribbon.  I always look in the bag before I ever cut into a longer ribbon. 

Oh, and something just occurred to me...
With all of the ribbon that I used, I think I need to head over to the Really Reasonable Ribbon Store and stock up!
Thanks for visiting today!  I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year this weekend!  



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