Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to school Basics...

Well...Sorta ;)

We have been doing a bit of early school shopping...
You know...catching the sales when they happen.
Needless to say, both of my daughters are overwhelming me 
with their desire for accessories!  
AGH! clips, purses, shoes, jewelry, PURSES!  lol

I saw a few super cute little purses and handbags that were outrageously overpriced
>>>And I KNEW that I could do them myself<<<
I gathered my materials and set to work...
and the result was an ADORABLE little purse  and a 
HAPPY little girl!

All you need to do this project is Your choice of ribbon,
a canvas "skirt" purse, 
(Mine was $1.99 at Hobby Lobby) , and fabric glue. 
Scissors and a ruler are also handy ;)

For my project I used:
5/8 Pink w/black dots grosgrain
3/8 zebra grosgrain
7/8 zebra grograin with pink hearts

First, you will cut your ribbons into 4 inch lengths. 
 My project used nine of each style.
I used the fabric glue and glued just the tips together
 to create loops in the ribbons. After they had
 dried for about 10 minutes, I started applying them to the purse.
I turned the purse inside out.  It is a skirt shaped purse, so there is an inside hem that is just like a real skirt.  This is where I applied the fabric glue and started placing the ribbon loops.  You can see from the pictures that I tried to keep the bottoms of the ribbon fairly even.

After I applied all of the ribbon loops using noting but fabric glue, this is what it looked like...
This is the purse turned inside out.  all the "ugliness" will be hidden once
it is turned the right way.

I did go through and make sure that each individual ribbon
 had a good glue seal.
You CAN reinforce it with a quick stitch, but I never do.  
The fabric glue is FANTASTIC stuff. 
And since it is not actual clothing...
the glue alone is good enough for me! LOL

Once it was all glued, I added a bit of zebra print fabric using 
Wunder Under just to accent the pockets  and 
The perfect accessory!

Now, of course, I could add bling, more ribbon, and all kinds of goodies...
but Skye is just a plain Jane kinda girl, and loved it 


  1. That's just amazing:) Sandra H

  2. This is so adorable! My girls are teens now so don't think they would be to excited about this, but they do love purses - maybe we can find something besides the skirt base :)

  3. Very cool! But I have admit that I feel silly, but can't figure out how it went from inside out to right side out. Did you take out the seam and then flip it and glue the seam back together?

  4. Denny, the way that the purse is made, the "skirt" part is just like a real skirt...not stitched together. The purse part is a pouch inside it. Imagine a little baby skirt with the "diaper" cover built in...but it is still a skirt when it is put on the baby.
    That is exactly what that purse is like. When I saw it in the crafting section, I thought it was the cutest little thing, then I realized it was FUNCTIONAL and I got all kinds of excited! LOL. I think they are at Walmart, too, if you get the urge to go find one...look there or at a craft store.
    Hope that helps! You can always e-mail me at if you would like more info. :)

  5. Adorable project. This is something the kids could help with too. Thanks

  6. This is so adorable and so clever....way to go "MOM"!!!!! I might have to make one of GD would love it.....just like I'm sure your DD did....

  7. super cute & fun. Love this. :)


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