Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whew ... just made it!

I was about to upload these pics for my Tuesday post when the camera battery died on me, so I had to wait for the recharge and now I'm running late ... sorry!
Anyway, here I am now! 
I thought I'd share some relatively simple cards today to show how easy it is to bring life to a card with the wonderful ribbons in the shop here.  I also love to take a patterned ribbon as a focal point, e.g. the cute bees, and co-ordinate cardstock and a sentiment with it, and sometimes even a sticker, again like the bees on the card below.  I'm not a great fan of stickers usually, but when I see something that I think may be handy some day (and in a hurry, with no time to do a lot of stamping and coloring), I pick them up and the day comes, like today, when they're just the right addition to what I'm working on.
The background in this wedding card is made with chalk rubbed onto the cardfront with a cotton ball.  Pretty easy, and the result is a subtle and soft look.
This one is really quick and easy, again using gorgeous ladybug ribbon.  The little wooden ladybugs are easy to find in craft or dollar stores.

And last but not least, the bees!  So cute, aren't they?  This is a card and a bookmark.  The top fold allows for the card to be placed over the top pages of a book.  Again, my sticker stash came in handy!  The ribbon is sandwiched between the back yellow layer and the black layer of card.
I hope you were inspired by these ideas! 


  1. All of these are adorable as can be...isn't technology until it doesn't work right.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Great ideas, you made me smile.
    hugs Dorte

  3. These cards are gorgeous!!

  4. such cute project, love the card/bookmark..great idea!

  5. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing these with us. They are all so cute.


  6. How adorable.....love the idea about the blue back ground....will have to try....the lady bug is just to sweet....tfs

  7. Fabulous projects and great ideas! So clever to use the ribbon for the road. And I adore the bee and ladybug ribbons.


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