Sunday, March 20, 2011

A New Love Found!!!! WooooHoooooo!!!

A very happy Sunday to all of you! Thank you so much for rambling along with us today! Gosh there are so many things happening at RRR this month that I hope you are keeping up with all of them! I'm sure you enjoyed the Organization Days...and then Challenges and a fun Hop...and a DT just ramble around this blog and you will see all kinds of fun, new, interesting things!

Although I made these little cards a little while back I just wanted to show you my NEW LOVE at the RRR Shop!! And I had to have it in all colors!!! It is the Satin with Grosgrain Edge!!! and you will see that is is available in beautiful colors and several widths! I can assure you that it makes exceptional bows when used with the Bow Easy Tool.

For this card I used the 7/8" Red Satin with Grosgrain Edge and made two loops around the Bow Easy Tool for my bows. This ribbon is double faced so it is very easy to tie an exceptional bow with it. I think you will be able to see in the picture how much body this ribbon has....LOVE IT!!!!

For this card I used the same ribbon but this time it is the 7/8" Pink Satin with Grosgrain Edge and fashioned it into what I hoped would look like a picture hanger. This ribbon is so substantial and has such a gorgeous sheen and I think quite elegant when placed on cards, LOs, etc. Can you tell what I think of it???? lol

Thank you so much for dropping by to the RRR Ramblers' hangout and we hope you will come back and see us everyday or whenever you can!!! Sending a hug your way from Jacque!!


  1. Jacque they are beautiful!!!!

  2. Fantastic, your bows always amaze me :)

  3. Gorgeous ribbons alright. I love double sided ribbon especially satin.
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  4. very beautiful cards with amazing ribbons!

  5. Always enjoy your bows and creations...also love RRR products and this is such a spectacular one.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. BEAUTIFUL cards! The ribbon 'aint so bad either! ;)

  7. Oh Jacque both your cards here are so gorgeous. I just share your love for gorgeous ribbon and must agree, this is really gorgeous, and you´re justmaking sooo perfect bows with them always, something I´m still practicing on, but can´t make them look as great as yours yet lOL.


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