Friday, December 6, 2019

Vintage Spools With Christmas Ribbons

Welcome to the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog today, everyone!  Karen Letchworth posting today with some sweet little vintage wooden spools that I decorated with some goodies from Really Reasonable Ribbon.  I have far too many of these in my possession, so I thought I'd do something creative with them.  At Really Reasonable Ribbon, there's always a perfect Lace, Seam Binding or Embellishment to help me whip up something special.
As you may know,  the Seam Binding we carry hasn't been altered (as other companies sell it).  It's the straight seam binding off the spool.  That doesn't, however, mean that you are stuck with it that way.  By purchasing your Seam Binding at RRR, you have the option of using it neat and straight or crinkly and grungy.  This way, the choice is yours.  If you want the "grungy" looking Seam Binding, all you need to do is touch the edges of your Seam Binding with a Walnut Ink of some kind.  Then, wet your fingertips and pinch, squeeze and twist it until you've got a dirty, crinkly more grungy look.  That's what I did here, as I wanted that vintage look.
One of the antique wooden spools I used (shown below) already had red sewing thread on it.  I decorated that one with a white bottle brush tree (from Crate Paper) that I adorned with some Olive Burlap String, Ivory Burlap String, one Cluster from a Red Bead Berry Spray, a Bronze Pear Shaped Safety Pin that holds a tiny tag, and is topped with a Red & White Gingham Flatback Fabric Covered Button.  Each spool decoration is sitting on a vintage milk bottle cap.
The other larger spool was bare wood.  So...I wrapped a length of Ivory Crochet Lace around the spool.  I topped that spool with a green bottle brush tree, and bundled a length of each of these:  Olive Burlap StringIvory Burlap String, and Red Burlap String to adorn this spool. This spool also has my "grungy" or "dirtied" Seam Binding, and you'll see that in my photos.  

The third spool (below) was kinda short and fat.  I ran some more narrow Ivory Crochet Lace around this spool, and I stuck a bronze paperclip upside down in the hole.  I was thinking...I'll make several of these and use them as name card holders on the Christmas table.  The top of this spool is adorned with a Red Open Rose and a Dark Green Open Rose.
There's no end to the possibilities of all the CUTE things you can make with products from Really Reasonable Ribbon.  I hope you'll treat yourself to some crafty Christmas presents.  Come deserve some crafty goodness.  Happy shopping!



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