Friday, July 6, 2018

Ribbon Wrapped Mixed Media Block

Hi friends! Linsey here today and I'm excited to be sharing my latest ribbon inspired project with you! I love dabbling in mixed media and often find that ribbon plays a part in my mixed media creations. It's fun to try using ribbon in different ways and seeing how it turns out! Check out how I incorporated ribbon into my patina-style mixed media block!
 I started with a wooden block about 7"x4"x2" in size and began wrapping a variety of ribbons and trims around it horizontally. This instantly creates a texturally interesting background on which to build upon. It's a great way to begin a project of this nature and how you make it look is entirely up to you--your imagination is the limit! I wanted to try a patina-like color scheme so I needed to paint over the entire ribbon-wrapped block with a few layers of white gesso. This is a primer so that there is a white base to work on. This was done after the ribbon was secured to the wooden block with your choice of adhesive. adhesive options include dry or wet; ie-strong, permanent tape strip, mod podge, fabric or wood glue, etc. 
I used a several different ribbons and trims for my project. Keep in mind that this is also a great way to use up ribbon scraps of all kinds--love that! 
A couple close ups so you can see how nicely everything that has been painted over with gesso is able to take all that gorgeous paint! Super fun to see how all those colors meld together to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.
And I hope you've been creatively inspired to add some ribbon and trims to your next masterpiece! Thanks so much for stopping by today! Until next time, happy crafting! 

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  1. This is surely different! Love the color and the layout! Nice work!


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