Thursday, April 6, 2017

Aqua and Coral Bicycle Card

Hello Ribbon Lovers!  Remember being a kid and getting to take your bike out of the garage after the long, cold winter?  What a glorious feeling of freedom!  Today's card reminds me of how fun it was to be a kid and just play all day!

The Aqua and Coral Ribbon Club Assortment is the perfect playmate for this fun card.  I used Coral Rosel Bold Diamond Print Satin to create a header, then topped it with a bit of white crochet ribbon.

I love to use ribbon to pull out secondary colors in a card design.  See how this Aqua Plaid Ribbon brings out the aqua tints in the bike wheels, button and stripes?  I tell you, ribbon is magical! Pop a pretty magnolia blossom on top and you're ready to roll! 

Here's a fun way to use up those small scraps on your work table.  I've layered several together to create a fun design inside the card.  I also added a small teabag holder on the left. 

Have you played with this month's ribbon club yet?  Boy, are you ever in for a treat!  Wishing you lots of time to get creative!


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  1. Gorgeous card! I love this month's ribbon collection!


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