Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spring is Away by Jenn Cochran

Hello to all you RRR fans and friends!  It's Jenn from Jax Bean Stalks bringing to you a spring themed card.  I just cannot accept that Fall and Winter are upon us!  I have for you one more spring card.  Ok maybe I will have another one....I won't lie!!!  LOL!!!

I have used the fabulous corsage ribbon.  I love this ribbon because it is so very sheer.  You can totally see images through it.  Look how well my flower shows through.  Then when you layer it up in a bow, the true color of the ribbon shows!  I have used the Pastel Corsage Ribbon.  It is the Lavender.

I LOVE the way this ribbon sparkles too!  It catches the light and is so very pretty.

The corsage ribbon is really easy to tie into bows too.  It is stiff and is easily manipulated.  It really hold its shape too!

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  1. Gorgeous card! Beautiful ribbon!!! This is an excellent to use this sheer sparkly ribbon!!!!

  2. That flower is gorgeous. You did a beautiful job coloring it. And that ribbon is fabulous. As for your denial of Fall/ Winter, you just need to move to the south. Here in Florida, Fall weather is still several months away. :-)

  3. Jenn, this card is just breathtaking! That colored flower makes me think of my mom's dahlias...and they were fall flowers, so I think this could easily be a fall card with that luscious purple. The corsage ribbon is beautiful. I'm going to have to take that out for a spin!

  4. Wow Jenn this is really lovely x


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