Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Seeing Spots & Dots!

Hello RRR friends! Today I'm sharing two different ways to make super fun hair accessories for girls, both equally easy and adorable!
Corker Bows are such fun and something any little girl would enjoy--gosh, if I wouldn't look ridiculous doing so at my age, I'd want to sport one hehe! They are very easy to make and it's so exciting when the ribbon comes out of the oven bouncing with curls! The Boutique Stacked Bow is a bit more involved but still quite simple. This was my very first one ever and I think it turned out really cute.

I added an alligator clip to the back of the stacked bow and turned the corker into a fun headband! I used Dots and Circles ribbon, White Dot Organza and Shocking Pink Checkerboard Satin for these two hair accessories--total cost of all materials, $5.47. Not bad for two darling hair accessories that go for considerably more in the marketplace. Not to mention, there is still plenty of ribbon left for other projects when you get your ribbon from RRR because it is a great value! Above all, it's something handmade with love that will make somebody feel special and loved. Here are the links to each bow tutorial I used to make mine:

Corker Bow
Boutique Stacked Bow

I hope you are inspired to make a pretty hair accessory for a special girl in your life! Thank you so much for joining me today!


  1. Lindsey, this headband is really cute! I have wanted to try to make one for over a year...but I don't have any little girls to wear them! LOL. Great ribbon picks!!!

  2. This is so adorable... i love those cute little curly ribbons :)

  3. Super cute ribbon, I love the colors and the theme, Spots and Dots!! Love it! Tfs Patricia B


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