Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ribbon Organization Day 7

Hello, ribbon lovers! I am excited to share my ribbon organization today. I don't know about you, but I am a major neat freak - everything has to have its own place and be easily found when I want it. Inspirations don't flow when things are cluttered on my crafting desk so I always clean between projects and after when I am all done. 

Alright, so with that being said, let me share my organization style. On the left side of my crafting desk, I have two IKEA Alex drawers. I love these drawers because they are deep with plenty of spaces to store different types of crafting goodies. White ones are shown here, but you can also get them in black.

In the second drawer of the Alex unit that is closest to me, I keep all of my trims that are not on spools. I keep ribbons with spools in a separate drawer which I will show you shortly.

As you can see, they are neatly put away! I keep them in plastic drawers and separate them into sections. These drawers are called InterDesign Linus Drawer Organizer and I use 6x15 size ones. You can fit 4 of them tightly in a drawer but I use 3 so I can have some space to store my natural cords and hemps on their own spools (I like to have them close to me).

First to the left drawer organizer has all of my RRR Monthly Ribbon Club Assortments. I like to keep them together by set since they coordinate with each other really well and it is easier for me to be inspired when I want to use a trim.

The middle organizer has all of my other ribbons, sorted by colors. These are the ones I usually uses that don't belong to monthly assortments, or other ribbons that either came in card kits or came in different goodie orders.

The one to the far right has my current baker's twines. I like to keep them on their original spools or on cloths pins. I just got punch of baker's twine from RRR, will put them on wooden spools and keep them right in this bin.

This is how I organize each of my trims. I put them on a DIY ribbon card - just cut a very think cardstock or a thin cardboard to 2 x 3 and wrap them around. I secure them with a paper clip so the trims won't fall out and get all loose.

On top portion of the ribbon card, I write where that ribbon is from, which collection it belongs to, and its name. That way I can easily link them up on my project posts.

Far left side of the drawer has all of my natural trims. Hemps, bamboo cords, twines, etc. I like to keep them on their original spools or cards, just easier that way. And they are already organized somewhat lol.

Here is how I store ribbons on spools. I don't use them as often as I should but when I do want them, I just come to this drawer and look through my stash. I stopped buying full spool ribbons because since I don't use a lot of each, unless of course they are baker's twines or natural trims. I like to work with many different style of trims so little bit of everything works well for me.
I hope this inspired you in some way. Please let me know if you have any questions! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Thank you for hanging out with us!


  1. Wow. This is amazing. Such good ideas. I always had my ribbons on a hanger but I really like your idea much better.

  2. thanks for sharing and great motivator to help me improve my method of storage

  3. Great storage neat, organized, easy to access. What I want to know is where is your drawer of shame it seems we all have at least one area that we cram ribbon into not neat and pretty! Are you trying to make the rest of us look bad LOL. Congrats on your system this how we all wish we organized our beautiful ribbon you are amazing!

  4. I am so envious! What a marvelous storage system. Seems like IKEA may get a few calls soon...

  5. Wow--i wish I could be this organized--thanks for sharing!

  6. IKEA should give you a commission...everyone is going to want these fabulous drawers! I love how neat and tidy your space is! Can you come to my house and help me make it look this way? xoxo


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