Saturday, October 19, 2013

Glass and Sculls by Jenn Cochran

Welcome to RRR!  Jenn here with a fun project for the boys (or girls) depending on what ribbon you choose!  Today I have a fun tutorial on how to make a glass tile necklace with Grosgrain ribbon.  This project is perfect for holiday gifts.  This necklace was a hit with my 7 year old son!

1.  You will need Grosgrain Ribbon (I used Scull on Black Grosgrain), a glass tile, necklace bail, Diamond Glaze, E6000 adhesive.
2.  Coat the back of your glass tile with a thin layer of Diamond Glaze. Add strips of ribbon being careful not to overlap. 
3.  Push together the ribbon in order for there to be no gaps between each piece.
4.  Let dry at least 24 hours.  Then add another layer of Diamond glaze to seal the back.  Let this dry another 24 hours.  

Add bail on the back of the tile with E6000 adhesive.

Thank so much for visiting today.  



  1. What an awesome idea Jenn. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  2. Cool beans!! We live in Pirate Country so these would be great for Ginny and I!!

  3. "wOW" This is stunning and what a great idea x

  4. I love this! It makes great Halloween jewelry!

  5. jenn, this is terrific. great project, nice way to use RRR and great gift ideal.


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