Friday, November 16, 2012

Embellished Paper Flower Tutorial

Hi all it's Ginny here with a fun tutorial that's just in time for quick last minute Christmas gifts. The best part's recycling and you can change the color and add whatever trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon you love to finish them off perfectly. Did I mention it's also super fast??? You'll whip up a ton of these before you know it. I added the text to the pictures to make it easier to follow :)
See I told you they were easy.  Can you just imagine them in pale shabby pink???? Swoon. Okay one last thing...these pins are super no worry's about wearing them on a coat or scarf...they will take a lot of me I know. While you're at it whip up a few for yourself! You deserve a little treat too right????? Okay...that's it for my tutorial. Hope you all enjoy a happy and productive day and find some time to be creative.Huggs   Ginny


  1. I LOVE this awesome paper flower Ginny and what a great tutorial! Ummm, you're a bit spoiled there in Michigan if they give you paper bags with HANDLES at the grocery store! hehehe I'm sure the technique would work with folded strips of bag though. :)

  2. These are gorgeous! Thanks for explaining how you made them.

  3. Hi Ginny
    What a gorgeous idea..Just love recycling and always love to find out new ways to use some of all the stuff stored all over. It is such a pretty little flower and you make it just perfect with the addition of lace trim..Certainly many things from Bonnie to tempt us...LOL
    Thanks a lot for sharing !!
    Hugs from Spain

  4. Great tutorial and a gorgeous pin. Love recycling when you can. Great job.


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