Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bow tutorial

Hello there!  I thought I would pop in to share how I tie my seambinding bows.  Now I am no where near a perfect there such a thing and is there such a word, lol?  I always want to mess around with them.  Bows can be such tempermental little things.  With out them though my cards seem so sad so I almost always add them. Ribbon is essential to me and adds much needed softness to a card. So today  I have a spooky little project.  I have been having a blast making Halloween goodies so today's card is just that.  I made my card and scored it and added my pattern papers.  Of course than I started to pile on my goodies.  Little bit of stamping, fun cackling witch, and a diecut sticker.
                                               I grabbed my yummy black seambinding and crumpled it up.  I use a lightly wet paper towel and crickle it up in it.  Works well and fast.  Now with my seambindings sometimes I wrap it all the way around the card but often times I don't.  It just ends up getting covered with embellishments anyways.  I don't tie bows so it is all one piece.  I make separate bows and "piggy back" them onto each other till they look full to me.  As you can see in the pics I tie one and adhere and than add the next alternating the direction of each bow.  The last one I tied my sentiment tag with twine to it and than adhered.  My way might be a bit diffrent but it works for me.  OHHH and don't pay attention to my messy desk!  Hope you enjoyed!  cherry


  1. A fun and spooky card for Hallowe'en! I never thought of sticking each bow on to make it look fuller. Sounds like a great idea. What do you use to stick the separate bows on so they stay secure?
    Thank you for the great tutorial! :)

  2. Such a great card, thanks....I too would have never thought of just using new bows and layering them are a bowtier! for sure, thanks thanks thanks

  3. Fabulous card! I love every single detail!
    Kindest regards,


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