Monday, February 3, 2014

Ribbon Organization Week with Really Reasonable Ribbon

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Hello everyone.  Today I'm kicking-off a block of posts where the Really Reasonable Ribbon DT girls will be showing their favorite ribbon organization ideas.  
I hope you find some organizational inspiration!!

I'll kick things off with my ribbon organizing.
BUT, I must say that I don't organize and/or store much ribbon because I can just grab whatever I want whenever I want it from the RRR ribbon room.  
Spoiled, I know!

But, I sometimes have spool ends of ribbon that I feel I will want to showcase in a upcoming post, so here is what I do.

I actually got this idea from Trudy (one of our past DT members) when we did an organization block of posts several years ago.  
I don't have a doorway or narrow area where I can put a spring-loaded curtain rod to hold the book rings (which would work really well), so I hang mine on pegs on my slat wall.

I organize mine by ribbon style, but organizing by ribbon color would work well too.
I add each ribbon to a separate safety pin and add them to the rings.  Then, I just cut what I need from the end and I use it.

I think this idea would be great for storing your Monthly Ribbon Club assortments.
You could put each month on a separate safety pin.  That way all the coordinating ribbons would still be together, and they would be out for easy access.  
What do you think?


And here is the other plan (my dirty little secret-lol).
Some of the ribbon ends up crammed in a plastic tote when I don't have the time for the little safety pins.  But ya know, this works too......  :)
Nothin' a little ironing won't fix......

I'm sure the girls will show you some fun and interesting ideas this week to get your ribbon stash under control.  

Stop by daily and comment on each post and on February 11th I will select one name from a random post during the week and you will win a little ribbon surprise.....

~ Bonnie ~


  1. Great organization inspiration : ) Maybe someday you will share a pic of the Ribbon Room hint hint hint. This will be a fun week of getting a peek into the DT craft spaces...I can't wait to see :)

  2. Ooooh, I love the idea of the pins on the rings!

  3. I admit I shove my extra ribbons that don't fit in my basket in a bin too! Will have to try that safety pin idea!

  4. Great idea Bonnie! I would love to see the Ribbon Room too...yes, you are spoiled!



  5. Love this idea! Running out for a spring loaded rod right now!

  6. I am so doing this!! I love having my ribbon on display!

  7. Thanks Bonnie for sharing your ribbon storage. I have to worry about dust, so can't use this great option. All my RRR are kept in their packaging in a drawer of my 4 drawer cube. They fit perfectly in there by month and room for lots more. Now the rest of my ribbons are helter skelter and still need to find a solution. Thanks again for sharing! Hugs Lori

  8. I really love that you used safety pins on the rings. The combination makes them easy to hang and east to remove when your need some ribbon. Thanks for the idea!

  9. Great ribbon storage! I keep mine in a plastic tote and use my ribbon iron to flatten it out!

  10. This is great! I love the safety pin idea!

    Great peek into your ribbon Bonnie! Thanks!!!


  11. Fab idea, love to see Ribbon Room. Hugs,moni

  12. Love to see others craft space. I always need good ideas for storage. Great idea for ribbons.

  13. Rebecca King2/3/14, 10:14 PM

    Love this idea using safety pins on a ring. I plan to use this idea myself. Thanks

  14. Great idea to use little pins to hold ribbons! I use plastic and glass jars (like Mason jars) and sort by color. I love the way the jars look when displayed together, but sometimes my ribbon really gets tangled! I'm looking for a FAB display piece to store the jars. I also love to see posts about organization, so I'm ready to view all the postings to gather inspiration! Thanks!

  15. I just got my first ribbon club ribbons. This is just in time for me to decide how to store them. Off to look and see if I have a place I can put a curtain rod up!

  16. Love this idea!! I use 3 x 5 strips of card board(recycle boxes) and wind my ribbon around it by color and store in plastic bins. It works!! Thank you for sharing!!

  17. Love this idea!! I use 3 x 5 strips of card board(recycle boxes) and wind my ribbon around it by color and store in plastic bins. It works!! Thank you for sharing!!

  18. Thanks for the tips can always use some updated ideas have a great day!

  19. Love the idea of the safety pin and ring idea for the monthly ribbon club assortment.

  20. Ribbon storage - wow, what a mess! I've tried several different systems and am not really satisfied with anything yet. Maybe I'll find something as I continue to check back everyday.

  21. The safety pin idea opened up some new plans for future storage for me. Thanks for that! And, I'm so glad you shared your dirty little secret!'ll see mine today!

  22. Awesome Ribbon Organization Bonnie!! I know you have TONS and TONS and Tons of ribbon....heheheheehehe would love to see that one day:) Even if its not on the blog.


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