Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ribbon Organization Day 4

Well hello there's Ginny here and it's my day to share how I organize my Really Reasonable Ribbons!  Just a fair warning....I'm a bit OCD....can't help it....I come by it from my Momma....the apple doesn't fall far from the tree : )
My crafting space is in the back corner of my store....I have to keep things neat and tidy most of the I've got a pretty organized system to make things easy to put back to make room for crops and classes.  Quite a bit of my trims are in the cabinet on the those stacked bins on the shelves. They are all labeled by color : ) Labels make me happy!
I've got my RRR ribbons in this large compote on the shelf. The texture is so pretty. I keep lot's of little bits in these vintage dishes and milk glass. Tiny clothes pins, felty hearts and bits of images clipped out and ready to use.
Here is some pretty glitters, more dishes filled with paper pretties and washi tapes.
I love these little boxes with the French theme.  The little dress form was a gifty from my DH...I added a few sparkly Christmas ornaments and flowers to dress it up a bit. Behind the shelves I have some boards to hold little bits of images and some vintage button tags.
This shelf has my embellishment boxes, more vintage clippings and paper pads.
My inspiration board is a great place to display a banner we made recently in class, flowers, trinkets from my peeps, and some of my favoritest blingy jewelery.
I've hung my inspiration board above Stella my dress form. She has more bling on lol. The tower on the right holds crepe rolls, vintage mason jars full of buttons and rings for albums. There's also a container of chapsticks and "emergency eyeliner" I'm never without eyeliner lol.
I added some of my favoritest pink polka dot ribbon to these canning jars and filled them with little bitty bags, glassine bags, super cute stripy straws and Middy bags stacked in back.

I do love all these drawers. Filled with all my flowers and doilys and tools and buttons. Yes I know I have a few labels's on the list lol.

I've filled up this spinning rack (meant for paint) with my ribbon spools....they are super handy to reach for when I need them. I've got all my go-to tools in the cute pink buckets and tags are displayed in the seed containers on the shelves.

I keep all my RRR trims stored in the clear bins by color wrapped with craft paper strips held on with paper clips so I can use it and rewrap them easily. This works to keep a lot of ribbon in less space : )

I try to keep all my prettiest supplies out for inspiration....but like most of you I do have a space that is strictly my case I call it "the beast" A ginormous cabinet for all my stamps and inks and paper stash and other necessary items. I'm showing it to you with the doors open since Bonnie was so brave to share her box of shame lol. You should insert slasher movie music now lol

And here are my bins of shame lol

Yikes...I guess I better work on those bins lol.
I hope you enjoyed your little visit in my crafty space : ) Wishing you all a happy and productive and and time to be creative : ) G



  1. A fun visit Ginny, love your little bits of INSPIRATION.I think the pretty colors help ones mood too. AND WOW you have RIBBON! I agree Labeling. It has saved me a lot of time. Fun to see the organization. Thanks for sharing all you photos.

  2. I can't cue the scary music for you because your space is delightfully organized and absolutely charming! I do like your storage system for ribbon. Do these plastic trays have tops? If not, how do you keep your ribbon dust-free? Thanks

  3. Wow--great storage. Love the use of vintage dishes and the clear bins of RRR trims by color.

  4. Your space is so pretty and happy...just like you! I'm impressed with all your organization! You know that is right up my alley!

  5. You have a very nice craft space I love the storage and organization of your RRR very clever and all those drawers yes please lol have a great weekend!

  6. Ginny LOVE how you store your ribbons hun! Makes for easy grabbing, and love how organized you are missy!!! beautiful room!!


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