Monday, February 10, 2014

Ribbon Organization Day 8 with Cheryl

Hello everyone, Cheryl here today to share my Ribbon Station with you all. This last week the RRR Design Team has been sharing how we store our ribbon :) Super FUN!!!! I absolutely LOVE Really Reasonable Ribbon, and all the wonderful fun assortments that Bonnie carries over at the RRR Store.
Photos below will show different parts of my Ribbon Station. 

This top photo is where I hang Really Reasonable Ribbon when the package is open. Lately I have been picking rolls of ribbon, and a few packages.

For this photo above, I have jars of the ribbon.  Once it's open, I will hang it on the curtain rod. It makes it easy for me to find.

Here is a photo with the tops of the jars off so you can see my RRRibbon :)

Here in this photo you can see the jars, and some of my ribbon spools from Really Reasonable Ribbon.

Another photo to see more rolls. I just keep them stacked, it makes it easy for me to see, so I will use what is out. I mostly pick from the rod, and these spools that I can see.

More spools, and then some heart shaped baskets that have the Really Reasonable Ribbon flowers in them. I also keep some of the RRR monthly club kits in another heart shaped box.  You can see it up on the hat boxes to the bottom right of this photo.

Close up of my mess.....LOL 

Here is where I keep some of the Really Reasonable Ribbon Monthly kits. Otherwise some of the bunches go in jars, or the drawers below.
More ribbon. YES I love Ribbon!!!LOL but who doesn't ???!!!

This photo is the middle drawer with RRR in it too.

I hope you enjoyed my post today, as I had fun sharing my Ribbon station with you all!!!
Hope you have a super wonderful day!
Hugs to all,


  1. Oh my goodness girl, you have a room full of ribbon. Nice storage. Hugs and best wishes Lucinda

  2. Wow! You have an amazing ribbon collection!!

  3. Oh my --you sure have a lot of ribbon. thanks for sharing your organizational ideas.

  4. Girl you just showed me a little picture of heaven. If I had all that ribbon I would just sit and look at all the colors. Love all that ribbon!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Love your ribbon station - how much fun you must have looking at your beautiful ribbons and then selecting just the right one!!!!

  6. and my husband thinks I have a lot of stuff!! LOL
    I'd be in ribbon heaven in your room!!

  7. You're kidding, right?! These are actually pictures taken in a RIBBON STORE, right? This can't be a real person's home, right? OMG! I really, really want to come to your house to play!!!!

  8. Go my gosh! I want to come play in your room Cheryl! Looove all that pretty ribbon!

  9. Wow I'm not sure what I love more your organization or the fact that you have so much ribbon to organize have a great day!


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