Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ribbon Organization Day #3

Good morning Ribbonistas!   Jessie here and today it's my turn to share with you how I store my beloved ribbon...
First up is what my hubby calls my Ribbon Wall.  These organizers are packed full and I still have 4 drawers full of spooled ribbon waiting for a permanent home.  
I got these Simply Renee organizers a while ago, and unfortunately it looks like they're no longer being sold.  I loved these when I got them, but the only problem is that they have a large footprint.  I would have purchased quite a few of these though, but the cost was a bit more than I could justify, so I came up with another solution (which we'll look at in a minute).  If you really love the function or look of these organizers though, I have seen some great homemade options that are made out of rain gutters.  A quick youtube search will turn up a lot of options on that.
What I ended up getting was a bunch of Bygel baskets from Ikea:
BYGEL Wire basket IKEA Can be hung on BYGEL rail, mounted to the wall or the inside of a kitchen cabinet frame or door. Saves space on the countertop
 I really love these because they are so inexpensive at only $2.99 each!  
The wire is quite thin (but very sturdy) so if I hung them right next to each other, I would have been able to hang 5 across in each row.  
They also come with a hanger that is meant to hang over top of a cabinet door, but it works perfectly to let it hang at the bottom and I can use my Clip-It-Up clips to hang more ribbon  and pieces across the bottom. 
Now,  since I am on the RRR design team, I need a special place to store just my RRR.  So, I bought a set of Ribbon Rings for this beautiful ribbon.
I have these right next to me at my desk, so it's always the first ribbon I grab for when I am working on a project.  RRR offers such a wide variety of pretty ribbons that I can usually find just what I need in this beautiful cascade of ribbon without having to get out of my seat.  
I have my ribbons organized in rainbow order and each color group has it's own 3" ring (purchased separately). I then hung each ring from a Command Utensil Hook.  


I do love the convenience of this storage method.  The only drawback is having to cut the ribbon off the length or spool.  They do give you these "inventory trackers" to keep track of what you have more of and what you don't.

And the tags are plenty wide enough for your widest RRR.  They come in two sizes.  The standard ribbon tags hold ribbons up to 1.125" wide and the jumbo ribbon tags hold ribbons up to 2" wide.

All in all I am happy with the Ribbon Ring storage method, but in the future I may end up using this for end of spool or scrap pieces of ribbon. 

I will keep an eye on the ways the rest of the design team stores their RRR to see if there is a method I like better.  It's just so hard for me to cut a pretty piece of ribbon before it's time...


  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas!! I just want to get my hands on all that ribbon!! Lucky girl you!!!

  2. "WOW" Thats a lot of ribbon and what great storage thank you for sharing this x

  3. Lots of great ideas for ribbon storage--thanks.

  4. Don't you just love the way ribbon looks in storage? I'm loving these organizational posts about ribbon...seeing all the ribbon others have makes me feel like one of the group! Ribbon just makes one happy!!!
    Love the way you organize your ribbons!

  5. I've tried this system but so many of my ribbons were so long that I was looping them. Then of course there are the scrap pieces... I will say that your craft space is lovely and you have a great collection of ribbon

  6. That's a lotta ribbon! It would inspire me to create just so I could finish a project off with some of it. Beautifully organized!

  7. Uh oh I think you and I need a ribbon intervention lol! Great storage ides which you need when you have a large ribbon collection have a great weekend!

  8. Awww Jessie LOVE your ribbon area hun! Makes for easy finding of what you have on hand. LOVE it!!!!


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